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Dealer Applications

Furever West Dealer's Den tables are limited and applicants will be selected after staff review. Applications will close June 15.

Dealer Rules

     Furever West reserves the right to refuse service to any dealer with a history of negative behavior, such as (but not limited to) scamming, abuse of Staff or Attendees, threats of violence or abuse, or general poor behavior, whether online or in person.

     Dealers registering for FurEver West must be at least 18 years old. No exceptions will be made.

     Table splitting is allowed under the condition that all individual dealers selling wares and accepting money must have individual dealers applications with Furever West and must have a current Wyoming State tax license. If the individual dealer is interested in table splitting, they must discuss and agree to split a table with another dealer on their own and this agreement must be noted on the individual dealers applications of both dealers. Failure to follow this rule will have you removed from the convention and banned from dealing in the future.

     Dealers are required to have a current Wyoming State tax license. You will be required to provide this for our verification prior to selling merchandise, commissions, and/or other services at FurEver West. It is the responsibility of each dealer to obtain a sales tax license. FurEver West can not do this for you.

     -If you are unable to present a valid license when checking into the Dealer Room you will not be allowed to sell. Your costs will not be refunded.

     -A Wyoming sales tax license may be obtained from the Wyoming Internet Filing System For Business. Below are links to the Wyoming State Internet Filing System For Business, and a helpful guide on how to get started. If you have difficulty with this process, we recommend calling the Wyoming Department of Revenue first, as they are usually able to get things straightened out quickly. If you continue to have difficulty, please email us.

          --Wyoming Internet Filing System For Business

          --How To Register for a Wyoming Sales Tax Permit 

     All merchandise sold or displayed by dealers must be in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.

     Adult and explicit artwork may be sold by dealers but must be kept in a clearly marked binder separate from PG/general artwork. Explicit artwork of an adult nature must be censored within the stated binder and may not be openly displayed or flaunted by dealers or purchasers.

      Payments for tables are due within 30 days of invoice receipt. Dealers who have not paid by this time will be removed from the accepted list, and an appropriate waiting list dealer will be selected to take their place.

Dealer's Den Applications are currently OPEN for Furever West 2023.

Dealer Applications are now CLOSED.

We look forward to seeing you at       Furever West!

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